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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I dont have anything great to say today, because times are getting harder. All I want to do is just cuddle with him. Little Zo held a huge part of my heart. Even with people around me all the time, I cant help but feel incredibly lonely. Dont feel bad for me as I say that or whatever you feel. I am just saying whats on my mind, how I feel. Im really not looking for sympathy. All I need you to do is continue prayer. I have to continue to lean on the Lord for support. No human can ever give me the company I need to replace that emptiness. I know i will always have a part of me missing. I know this post sounds really depressing but things are getting harder. And that is to be expected! It may get much harder. We will see! I can say I am definitely not ready to go back to work or school. :/ Thank you all for your prayers. I have been wanting to post more but I just dont know what to say! Thank you for caring and supporting us!

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  1. Hope you are doing ok. Thought I would check on you at your blog. We might pop in at PBF this next weekend. We miss our friends. Might see you there.