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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well Christmas time has passed. Although not fully. It was weird and indescribable (like most of everything) not having him here. It would have been his first Christmas. Still very so-real. We carried around his blankie all day. Everything does happen for a reason though. I know there are reasons behind this horrible tragedy. The kids were able to have a real Christmas this year. They had a great time and fully enjoyed it all. Got pretty much everything they wanted. Although that list isnt too big or realistic since they are still only 3 and 2(even though it seems they are so much older). Thank you to everyone who sent them a gift. here is a picture of them Christmas morning, after sadie woke up. I cant even imagine what kind of celebration is going on in Heaven for Jesus' birthday. Sweet Enzo is a part of that which is awesome. As much as I try, I hate to admit it that it still doesnt help me emotionally. Knowing how happy he is right now, especially since he can watch over us, is so comforting to me. Yet it does not heal the pain of missing him. I do have my good days and my bad days. Keep praying for us please. Thanks

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